As concerns for our environment, resources and quality of living are increasingly being voiced when considering future development and economic growth world responded with a chorus of dialogue. Efforts such as the Imagine KC forums, America’s Green Region, Kansas City MO’s Climate Protection Plan and the Academy for Sustainable Communities have engaged the population in embracing a forward thinking, sustainable approach to planning, design and everyday living. However, the question remains as to how such a paradigm shift might manifest. What is the order of magnitude of change are we faced with? How do we meet the demands of reduced carbon production and an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable community? What might the design of a city, with ecological urbanism as the driving factor, look like and what are the planning implications of this paradigm shift?  We are proposing a series of lectures, panels of local and national experts and shared informational sessions to further advance the discussion.  The goal is that the outcome of this work will create an exhibit and publication of pedagogical and practical knowledge to help influence the development pattern of Kansas City’s metropolitan area. Local politicians, community leaders, state and private institutions and professional organizations will all be invited to participate in order to help foster a dialogue on frequently difficult challenges and questions.



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