Contested Streets: Discussion Results – What makes a complete street?

Pedestrian Priority

Easy to cross street-safe with refuge in middle

Fun and interactive

Gathering spaces

People attractors

Green space

Smooth, even surface

Well maintained

Fewer parking lots

More angled and parallel parking

Physical separation for bike lines

Programming / activities nightlife

Street Vendors

Outdoor (dog friendly) dining

No drive thru

Shelter from the elements – awnings, tree canopies, transit stops

Signage (wayfinding/neighborhoods) – Planets, neighborhoods, distance markers

Edible landscapes

Well placed (thoughtful) street furniture and poles/signs –benches, trash receptacles, recycling bins, bike racks/station, water, Band-Aids

Wide sidewalks

Bike rental/exchange

Zip Car

ADA considerations

Trails through neighborhoods

Mixed Use

Retail, Storefront




Trash containers

Code enforcement

Seating, shelter


Pedestrian Lighting

Signage, Signage

Good urban building built up to street

Close off streets

Hub of walkability combined with ability to go between hubs with bike/bus

Well marked pedestrian and bike marking

Incentive for dense park structure

Severe road diet

Using hedges/ trees

Narrow curbs

Bike lanes through boulevard,

Protected pedestrian and bike lanes

Bike Racks

Bike Lanes

Connected trail systems

Full lanes for cycles

People / Bikes

Curvy roads (calm traffic), Traffic calming,

Wider sidewalks, markets, more activity

Medians/curb extensions – for AG, planting containers with edibles

Street Trees – Fruit and larger planting zones

Art Interactive


Planting Containers with edibles

People Street

Clean / Green

Safe – police, public

Places to gather/sit

Variety (activities, physical)

Shade/ vegetation

Essential services (Bank, Post Office)

Games/ Courts

Social events

Pedestrian Buffers

Public Art

Farmers markets/vendors/community gardens

Paving – safe variety

Dog friendly


Green storm management

Storm drainage (well designed and maintained)


Contested Streets: Discussion Results – All Areas for Street Improvement

URBAN:    Troost, Broadway, Van Brunt, Volker, 43rd Madison Bellevue, 31st, Armour Gillam to Broadway to Westport Road, 39th/Plaza, 39th/KU Med, Troost, Armour-Troost to Broadway, Paseo @ Admiral to 18th, Benton to St. John to B.C. Boulevard, Linwood/Van Brunt/Broadway, Main Street, Grand (22nd-670), Benton Blvd, Amour Rd, 27th Street, 10th Street, Armour (Gillham to Broadway), Broadway (Armour to 39th), Brookside, Troost, Paseo 7th-18th Historic, Shawnee Mission Parkway to Ward to Blue Parkway, Bridging River, BWG/Chouteau, Vision Metcalf, Quivira/Mission

SUBURBAN:   Bannister Mall, Hillcrest, North Oak, I-70 and Lil’ Blue Parkway, Eastwood Trafficway, 63rd St (Brookside-Swope), Shawnee Mission Parkway to Ward to Blue Parkway, 135th street to State Line to 69, Brookside, Parallel Boulevard – 435/635, State Avenue/435/Legends, Leavenworth Rd, Blue Ridge, Johnson Drive, Antioch, JOCO, Metcalf, Old over park, 83rd St, Metcalf (Vision Plan)

Living Street Example

Contested Streets : Group Discussion Results


When the audience and panel were asked, “What are our priorities for a healthy street life?” and “What are potential locations in the Kansas City Metro area that, if improved, could be the impetus for surrounding community improvements?”  sheets and sheets of reponses were quickly created.  Some of them are shown here…


Please join us for the Contested Streets event, a continuation of the KC Ecological Urbanism lecture series.  See the poster link above for details…

The screening of the documentary, Contested Streets, will be followed by a panel discussion from local experts.  Be a part of the this informational and brainstorming session to help decide which two streets will be the focus of furthur study and design as we work to visualize ‘green streets’ in the urban and suburban KC metro area.

LOCATION:  AIA Kansas City Office – 1801 McGee, KCMO 64108

DATE: March 11th, 2010

TIME: 5:30pm refreshments will be provided, 6:00pm the Contested Streets screening and panel discussion

Contested Streets – March 11